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Our story started back in 2007 with our first pups, Roxy and Luke. We wanted to feed them quality food but not knowing enough, we just chose a well-known brand. We thought we were doing the right thing until our healthy girl started to get less active, which we naively put down to her age. However, more health issues followed and before we knew it, we had to say goodbye to our beloved girl.

Determined to know more about both human and dog nutrition, Bernadett, decided to change her career and retrain as a Naturopathic Nutritionist. With the help of her course and her keen interest in food & nutrition, she realised that many of the well-known dog foods are full of unnecessary things that make our beloved friends suffer from a wide range of diseases, be it itchy skin, allergy, gut problems or agressive behaviour, as well as chronic diseases like diabetes and cancer.

Similarly to humans, dogs thrive on wholesome, nutritious meals which are natural, full of healthy protein, rainbow coloured vegetables and fruit and contain no fillers, artificial additives, binders or any other  mysterious chemicals. We set out to create a better way to select the right dog food and treats, we started Chomp & Chew to help other dog lovers find the highest quality products without the need to do hours of research. Nothing brings us more joy than seeing happy and healthy dogs benefitting from their new diet.

Additionally, Sparky – a gorgeous, funny and very naughty ridgeback – entered our lives and we are keen to do everything not to lose her way before her time. She is our poster girl and provides hours of entertainment, which no doubt we will be sharing with you all!