5 Amazing Benefits of Being a Dog Parent

Dogs are the world’s most popular pet, which likely comes as no surprise. They’re cherished family members who bring joy to households all over the globe. But it’s not just their adorable faces and wagging tails that make them so popular. Our canine companions actually provide us with a wide variety of benefits that improve our overall quality of life. This article covers five of the main benefits of being a dog parent.


1. Companionship

The nickname ‘man’s best friend’ exists for a reason; dogs offer a unique and unparalleled companionship that transcends pet ownership. Their unwavering loyalty and endless supply of affection allow dogs to create deep bonds with their humans. This can help dog parents feel less lonely. For people who experience loneliness, a loving being who is always happy to see them can brighten even the darkest of moments. In fact, many people who live alone now opt for dogs over roommates for a sense of companionship and friendship. 

Those who don’t have a dog struggle to understand how a dog can truly be a human’s best friend, but becoming a dog parent makes it glaringly obvious. Dogs’ intuitive understanding of human emotions enables them to offer solace during times of sadness and celebration during moments of joy. No matter what’s going on in life or in the world, a dog’s companionship makes a positive impact. 


2. Improved physical health

There are various ways having a dog can lead to better physical health, such as regular walks and increased physical activity. Some people struggle to leave the house or motivate themselves to exercise, but having a dog encourages these behaviours and turns them into a healthy routine. This typically leads to a more structured overall daily routine, which may improve sleep habits and stress levels, both of which have a huge impact on physical health. It also encourages more time in nature, which offers its own myriad of benefits.

Additionally, the simple act of petting a dog has measurable physical health benefits. One of the most notable is the fact that it can help lower blood pressure within minutes, according to multiple studies. Having a dog has also been linked to decreased cholesterol levels and reduced risk of heart disease. 

3. Emotional and mental health support

The emotional support that dogs offer their humans, especially during difficult times, is more valuable than they’ll ever know. The presence of a dog has been found to alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression. This is why they’re widely registered as emotional support and therapy animals for people with mental health issues. Their highly intuitive nature means that they can sense and respond to their dog parent’s emotional needs, making them ideal supportive companions.

In addition to support for long term mental health and emotional concerns, dogs can help people without these issues in any sudden or unusual moments of stress or sadness, too. The act of petting a dog releases feel-good hormones such as oxytocin and serotonin, which can help reduce stress and anxiety levels and lift a low mood for those with and without mental health issues. This is why dogs can always put a smile on their humans’ faces, even in upsetting or otherwise difficult situations. 


4. Social connection

Being a dog parent can facilitate social interaction and help people connect with others. Whether it’s chatting with fellow dog parents at the park or participating in dog-related events and activities, dogs can help foster new friendships and strengthen existing ones. This is especially helpful for people who struggle to interact socially on their own, such as elderly people or those who tend to be shy in social situations. Dogs give us something to connect over, talk about, and enjoy as a collective. 


5. Sense of purpose

Caring for a dog gives dog-parents a sense of purpose and responsibility. The feelings of fulfilment and satisfaction associated with having a dog comes from peoples’ need to prioritise their pet’s well-being and happiness. People without structure and routine, or those who suffer with mental health challenges, may find it difficult to even get out of the bed in the morning. Dogs don’t give them this option, as they require food, water, exercise, mental stimulation, attention, love, and of course some tasty chews and treats. These needs offer their humans a consistent sense of purpose and a reason to get up and face the day. 


Final thoughts

These are just a few of the key benefits of having a dog. They make wonderful companions and brighten our lives more than they could ever comprehend. That’s why here at Chomp & Chew, we believe they deserve the best, as reflected in our range of 100% natural treats and chews for canines of all kinds. We love facilitating special bonding moments between dogs and their paw-rents with our products, one chomp at a time. After all, every dog deserve a delicious reward for all they do for us!

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