Dog Breeds That Suit An Active Lifestyle: Part 2

We recently published an article of some of the best dog breeds for owners who live active lifestyles. By popular demand, we are now sharing part two with 10 more dog breeds to consider. All of these breeds are excellent choices for owners and families who are active and looking for a dog to share in their adventures. If this sounds like you, this article and our previous one may be great resources for you to use while searching for your ideal canine companion. They each come with their own requirements, attributes, and quirks, so choosing the breed that best suits your overall lifestyle is key. This will require further research outside of this article, but we hope to provide you with some inspiration on your journey to finding the best breed for you. 

10 active dog breeds

Here are 10 dog breeds of various sizes that would be more than happy to join you on your active adventures:

1. Beagle

Beagles are hound dogs, which is a type of hunting dog that is particularly good at tracking prey. They tend to be curious about their surroundings and have plenty of energy. This allows them to enjoy playing, walking, and exploring with their owners. Most also love higher intensity activities like hiking and running. Due to their curious nature and affinity for following scents, it’s a good idea to offer some mental stimulation in the form of nose work alongside their physical activity. This small to medium-sized breed is very loving and affectionate. They can also fit into many different household dynamics as they are typically good with children and other animals (excluding prey animals). If you’re looking for a dog that’s brimming with energy, love, and curiosity, a Beagle may be your ideal companion.

2. Airedale Terrier

As the largest of all terriers, the Airedale Terrier is widely referred to as ‘The King of Terriers’. However, in the grand scheme of dog breeds, they would be considered a medium-sized dog. This social breed is full of energy and boasts a great deal of confidence. They are keen to spend time with their family in the form of play sessions, long walks, and even runs. Their athleticism isn’t the only impressive trait about this breed, as they are also very intelligent. Mixing some mentally stimulating activities into their routine helps keep their mind as sharp as their energy levels. Additionally, this breed is hypoallergenic, making them an excellent match for anyone who suffers with allergies. So, if allergies are an issue for you but you still want an athletic, loving, and enthusiastic dog to embark on adventures with, Airedale Terriers are calling your name.

3. Miniature Pinscher

The Miniature Pinscher may look like someone hit a Doberman with a shrink ray, but the two breeds are not actually closely related. However, they do have something in common: their levels of energy and athleticism. This fearless breed is up for any adventure and thrives best when given ample opportunity to exercise. They are also curious and intelligent, so mixing in some mental stimulation with their physical activity is ideal. You could try teaching them new tricks, taking them to explore new areas, or trying some agility training. This loyal breed also has plenty of love and affection to give. However, due to their stubborn nature they typically want to decide when the affection happens. This pint-sized ball of energy could be your perfect companion if you’re looking for energy, athleticism, and plenty of personality all wrapped up in a small (and adorable) package.

4. Portuguese Water Dog

Much like the Bernese Mountain Dog, which we discussed in part one, this breed’s love for a certain type of terrain is spelled out clearly in their name. Portuguese Water Dogs of course love water-based activities like swimming, and could even accompany you on fishing trips. However, they also love activities that don’t involve water, like playing with their owners and exploring new areas on walks and hikes. The key is to ensure this medium-sized breed gets plenty of physical exercise, alongside mental stimulation to avoid boredom. They are as intelligent as they are active, so activities that include both elements are ideal. Examples include agility training, diving, and learning tricks that involve swimming. If you’re looking for a dog that can keep up with you in the water and has plenty of love and energy to give, these star swimmers may be the breed you’ve been dreaming of. 

5. Schnauzer (miniature and standard)

This bearded breed is one that some people overlook when discussing active dogs. However, they often have bundles of energy and can make an excellent addition to an active family. Schnauzers can be either miniature or standard, making them suitable whether you want a small or medium dog. Either way, they have lots of love to give and relish the opportunity to be included in family activities and adventures. They enjoy taking long walks with their owners, playing interactive games, and learning new tricks. Many of these activities can help you naturally incorporate some mental stimulation.

This easily recognisable breed is known to be very loyal to their family and has an affectionate, cuddly nature. As they’re usually good with kids and other dogs, they make an excellent companion for many different types of household dynamics. If you’re looking for a small or medium bearded beauty to join your active household, it looks like you may have found your new family member in this breed.

6. Alaskan Malamute

The Alaskan Malamute is bred as a working dog, which means they’re naturally athletic and energetic. Their ability to pull large sleds in arctic conditions should tell you all you need to know about their endurance and strength. This breed’s working nature also means they’re very intelligent and require plenty of mental stimulation to thrive. It’s not all work with these cold weather warriors, though, as they’re also known for their fun, playful, and affectionate nature. They are loyal to their family and have plenty of love to give. This breed is large, so they need plenty of space. With an appearance resembling a wolf, unmatched endurance, and a heart of gold, these beautifully fluffy dogs make excellent companions for active owners. If these are the traits you’re hoping to find in your new family member, one of these snow-loving furballs may be your new cuddly adventure buddy.

7. Greyhound

Greyhounds are best known as racing dogs and can reach incredible speeds of up to 45 mph. In addition to racing, this breed also falls within the hunting category. Due to their natural speed and agility, they make excellent runners and have plenty of energy to spend on adventures. Speed is not their only attribute, as they also offer a loving nature and can be very gentle and affectionate. So, in addition to plenty of running and playtime, Greyhounds equally enjoy lazing around on the couch and lots of cuddle sessions. As with any dog, all of this exercise and snooze time needs to be rounded out by mental stimulation to help keep their minds sharp. Looking for a canine companion that’s quick on their feet but can double as a couch potato after getting their energy out? Then this breed of speed racing snoozers is perfect for you.

8. Dachshund (miniature and standard)

Don’t be fooled by their size: energetic things come in small packages, and Dachshunds are the proof! They can be very athletic when allowed the opportunity, and are naturally playful. This breed enjoys walking, running, playing games like fetch, and partaking in their owner’s activities. They also have plenty of love and affection to give. Additionally, as their scent hound nature makes them curious about their surroundings, it’s a good idea to offer some mental stimulation alongside their physical activity. So, while this breed is mostly renowned for its adorable appearance (particularly those long bodies accompanied by short legs) they have much more to give than looks. There are both miniature and standard sizes of this breed, allowing you to choose the size that you could best accommodate. So, if you’re looking for a pocket-sized pooch with heaps of love and energy, a Dachshund may be your ideal breed.

9. Boxer

Boxers are another breed that people overlook when discussing active canines despite being very athletic and energetic. This breed wants to stay busy and has high levels of intelligence, so equally mentally and physically stimulating activities are ideal. Agility training in particular is a great fit for this breed, as they are likely to excel in this environment. They can also accompany their owners on walks, runs, and hikes, making them a fantastic addition to active households. This breed is easily recognisable and falls within the medium to large size category.

Boxers are very friendly, affectionate and cuddly dogs, and love to stay by their owner’s side as much as possible. They’re also protective as well as patient, making them a good candidate to live with children. If you’re on the lookout for a lively breed that will be as loyal and loving as they are energetic and athletic, a Boxer could be the one you’ve been waiting for.

10. Belgian Malinois 

As a working breed that plays important roles in law enforcement and even the military, Belgian Malinois are energetic and athletic. They’re able to thrive best when they have ample opportunity to engage in both mentally and physically stimulating activities. Agility training is an excellent fit, as are activities that involve some nose work. As they’re highly trainable and intelligent with a natural desire to work hard, they can learn commands quickly. This helps broaden the activities they can enjoy with their family. Belgian Malinois are also fierce family protectors. While they may take some time to warm up to strangers, they have plenty of love and affection to offer their family and people they trust. So, if you want a medium to large dog with the ability to learn quickly, love hard, and keep up with your active lifestyle, it looks like number 10 could be your ideal breed.

Final thoughts

As we mentioned in part one of this series, these lists are not exhaustive, and there are lots of other fantastic active breeds out there that may be more suitable for you. However, we hope our lists can provide you with some inspiration when considering which breed would make an ideal new family member. It’s also important to conduct further research on the breeds you’re most interested in to find out if there are any quirks or temperament issues to be aware of. This way, before you commit, you can make an informed decision and prepare as necessary.

It’s also worth noting that while there are always exceptions to every rule, choosing a dog that’s known to be lively and active is ideal if you want them to enjoy accompanying you on your adventures. If you need any help with your new pooch, feel free to join our puppy squad for lots of helpful information.

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