All Ears Chomper Box


Show me a dog who doesn’t love to chomp on some pig and cow ears! In this bag, you’ll also find some venison ears, lamb ears, and of course rabbit ears – all guaranteed to make your pooch very happy!

All chews are natural and air-dried without any chemicals or nasties. Perfect for teething puppies and important for any dog who wants to keep on top of their dental health or just simply enjoy some delicious ears.


  • 100% Natural
  • Air-dried
  • Grain-free & Gluten-free
  • Ideal for teething puppies
  • Promotes dental health
  • Relieves teething pain, boredom & anxiety
  • Suitable for all diets including raw
  • No hidden nasties, preservatives or anything artificial


Suitable for puppies aged 10 weeks+.

The All Ears dog chews are perfect for dogs of all sizes but especially great for those who can be a bit overwhelmed by huge treats! These ears a good mix in size, with some smaller and medium sized ears. All will keep your pup busy for hours!!

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The All Ears Chomper Box is every dog’s dream! Ears are not only delicious to dogs but they are also excellent for reducing teething pain and staying on top of dental health.

The All Ears Chomper Box is the big brother of our ever-so-popular All Ears bag, but giving you more variety and some longer-lasting chews.

Ears are healthy, long-lasting natural dog chews full of flavour and a great source of protein. Dogs love gnawing on our ears which are a superb alternative to dental sticks. Additionally, ears are safe, long-lasting chews as they contain no bones, just natural cartilage. The box is great for dogs of all age and size but especially good for puppies looking for healthy, tasty and long-lasting chews.

These chews are air-dried to lock in the flavour and goodness. Nothing has been added or taken away from the yummy treats in this box, they are simply as nature intended.

The box includes:

Pigs’ ears (2)
Cow ear (1)
Buffalo ear (1)
Venison ear (1)
Rabbit ears (3)
Goat ear with fur (1)
Goat ear without fur (1)
Hairy cow ear (1)

The All Ears Chomper  Box is filled with the most natural treats and chews of them all! These are what the ancestors of our dogs would have eaten in the wild. They are nothing else but animal parts in their purest forms – cut up, air-dried and packed with love.

Benefits of Air-dried Ears:

  • Grain- and Gluten free
  • 100% natural
  • Suitable for any diet including raw
  • Excellent dental chews
  • No preservatives or anything artificial
  • Easy to digest
  • Low odour
  • BUFFALO EAR: Hypoallergenic and therefore suits the most sensitive pups, High in protein and Low in fat, Long-lasting chew
  • VENISON EAR: Hypoallergenic, Long-lasting, Great dental chew
  • PIG EAR: Great dental chew, Long-lasting
  • RABBIT EAR: Hypoallergenic, High in protein, Low in fat
  • COW EAR: High in protein, low in fat, Long-lasting
  • GOAT EAR: Hypoallergenic, Low in fat and odour

Suitable for puppies aged 10 weeks+

Never leave your dog unsupervised to avoid any choking hazard. Ensure that your dog has access to fresh water.

Composition: Beef, Pork, Lamb, Rabbit, Venison

Analytical Constituent:

COW EAR: Protein 71%, Natural oils & fats 8%, Moisture 6%, Ash 3%
PIG EAR: protein 68.4%, fat 20%, moisture 11%, ash 2.6%
LAMB EAR: protein 83%, fat 9%, moisture 3.5%, ash 4.8%

VENISON EAR: protein: 58%, fat: 32%, moisture: 8%, ash: 2%;
RABBIT EAR: protein 46.8%, crude fat 21.5%, moisture 7%, ash 1.02%

Storage: keep out of direct sunlight

Shelf life: 18 months

Odour: low

Age suitability: 12 weeks+

Size suitability: small, medium, large,

Pack size: 1 Cow ear flap, 1 Pig ear, 1 Venison ear, 1 Lamb ear, 2 Rabbit ear

Feeding Instructions: This delicious treat can be given at any time of the day; it is perfect to use as a reward or just as a healthy snack!

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