Chicken Eco Dog Toy


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This Chicken Eco Dog Toy mimics the joy of chomping on a plastic bottle, which let’s face it, all dogs love to do! However, chewing a plastic bottle is not without its risks due to the sharp edges and the chemicals used in the plastic itself. However, this cute Chicken Eco Dog Toy is made of completely natural material, providing a safer alternative whilst still maintaining the attractive crackling and crunching sound that dogs so love!

No more sharp, dangerous edges, just some good old chomping on some natural leather!

This eco dog toy is tough and long lasting, and is produced without using any added chemicals that could cause harm when chewed. Made from natural leather and jute, both are 100% biodegradable.

It is a great toy for interactive play; be it throwing, tugging and general chewing, dogs can have hours of fun with it.

Key Benefits of the Chicken Eco Dog Toy:

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Safe
  • 100% Natural
  • Fun, crunchy, crackling noise when chewed
  • Hours of fun
  • Ideal for general chomping, throwing or any other interactive play

A range of toys, which maximises your dog’s fun, is safe and natural to play with, while at the safe time being eco-friendly. These toys do not have a squeaker, are very strong, a great toy for interactive play, and are part of a popular movement for eco-friendly, chemical free, natural products.

Chewing, be it on a toy or some natural chews, is an essential activity for any dogs. It’s important for oral health  – cleans teeth, strengthens the jaws preventing loss of teeth. It also reduces anxiety, frustration and boredom. Should you wish to learn more about the benefits of chewing, please read, Dog Chewing – Health Benefits and Importance.

Size: 30cm

Please supervise your dog when playing with toys and should your dog try to swallow any pieces or chunks, take away the toy. Please remember, no toy is indestructible. Choose toys according to your dog’s chewing habits.

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