Gigwi Duraspikes Racoon Dog Toy


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The Gigwi Duraspikes Racoon Dog Toy is a racoon shaped toy designed for strong dogs who love to chew, but break all the other toys that they get. The adorable toy is made of extra durable cotton canvas and pet-safe TPR (thermoplastic rubber) spikes moulded on the fabric for a unique, satisfying sensation when chewing. The toy can withstand all that your pooch can throw at it, and will quickly become a favourite of your canine companion.

These toys are made to last and they are extremely cute too!

Why we love this toy:

  • Adorable design
  • Sturdy and strong material
  • It’s a good size
  • It’s made to withstand chewing

Size: 24+10 (body + tail) x 22 x 15 cm

Weight: 400g

Ideal for small to large dogs. Supervision is recommended.

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