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This Interactive Dog Mat is the perfect way to keep your dog entertained with its treat concealing compartments which encourage dogs’ natural foraging behaviours. Dogs enjoy snuffling and hunting for food and treats.  This amazing mat provides fantastic entertainment, enrichment and helps training your dog’s sense of smell.  Just like our Snuffle Mat, this Interactive Dog Mat is made from super soft fleecy tufts which are nose safe (cheap, rough fabrics could cause friction burn on the delicate nose skin).

What do you use an Interactive Dog Mat for?

  • Perfect for slowing down fast eaters of dry food (kibble) and your pooch will love searching for their dinner!  Just sprinkle their dry food into the mat, ruffle up and let them hunt their meal out
  • Ideal for dogs who are recuperating after illness or injury by providing enrichment if they are confined to crate rest.
  • Great fun for dogs of all ages to play a game of hide and seek with small treats.  A lovely way to get children involved with indoor play with your dog.

Key benefits:

  • Encourages natural foraging skills: Hide the treats or small toys in the snuffle mat and let your dog sniff them out. It will help mastering your dog’s sense of smell, as well as drain your dog’s energy and even lose weight!
  • Relieves anxiety: keeps your dog occupied and it’s as good as a long walk as mental stimulation is the best way to deal with energetic dogs. Sniffing is naturally calming for dogs.
  • Stress Relief: Dogs need physical activities as well as mental stimulation to achieve a calm state of mind. Mental stimulation is the best way to exhaust a dog and this snuffle mat can facilitate training.
  • Interactive dog toy: keeps your dog entertained and encourages the natural foraging behaviour
  • Durable and Safe
  • Machine Washable at 30 degrees or hand wash. It can be put in the tumble-dryer. Made with dog-friendly cloth. 
  • Good size so suits even large breed dogs

Long lasting, high quality and portable, our Interactive Dog Mats can be machine washed at up to 30 degrees to keep it fresh and slobber free.  Just pop it into an old pillow case before putting in the washing machine to prevent it from any damage.  Alternatively you can hand wash them.

Measurements: 76 x 52 cm (30×20 inch)

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